Compression stockings/ socks are snug-fitting, stretchy, specially made socks that smoothly squeeze legs. Socks are tighter around the ankle and looser when moving up the leg. They are intended to provide compression therapy to the patient. Socks provide mild pressure to legs and ankles and stimulate blood flow from the legs to the heart.

Compression socks also lessen the pain and swelling. The pressure from socks comforts blood vessels to work efficiently. The oxygen-rich blood in arteries relaxes the muscles and veins get back blood to the heart. Compression stockings kept the legs relax and provide ease from swelled feet and ankles, helps to prevent and treat varicose veins.

Ltriga compression socks are the best socks for getting relive pained leg as they are a good and useful product. Socks were available in different sizes like small, medium, large and extra-large.

Ltriga compression socks have numerous features like Quick and convenient to wear, Not visible under clothing, Built-in zipper, Adjustable, Perfect sleeve for travel, sports, work, home, Open toe design, and Pinch-resistant zipper.

Working on compression socks

The Ltriga compression stockings/ socks apply compression to the legs and ankles that directly reduce the thickness of veins by increasing the volume and velocity of blood flow, help the blood to flow up toward the heart, and prevent blood from refluxing downward to the foot into the superficial veins.

Benefits of compression socks

The health care professional (Doctor) suggest compression stockings/socks for numerous purposes like boost circulation in the legs, support veins, prevent blood from pooling in the leg veins, diminish leg swelling, reduce fatigue, itching, swelling, leg cramps, reduce orthostatic hypotension, helps to prevent venous ulcers, prevent the development of deep vein thrombosis, help to lessen the varicose vein pain, reverse venous hypertension, and improve lymphatic drainage.

Potential users

Grand-moms & Grand-dads

It helps grand-moms and Grand-dads to get relief from the achy legs and accomplish conditions like varicose veins, leg swelling, leg ulcers, and lymphoedema with the Ltriga compression stockings/ socks.

Pregnant Moms

It prevents blood from the veins and lessens the elevated heart rate in both the child and mother.

Travelers and Athletes

Travelers and Athletes who need to travel 8 to 10 hours at a time and has chances of blood clotting and having distressing medical concerns.

12-Hour Nurse Shifts

Nurses who spend a lot of time on duty throughout the day can use Ltriga compression socks. Nurses can also use those socks for perceiving unattractive varicose veins and spider veins too.

Here we are going to share the benefits of wearing Compression Socks. These are very useful and helps with various types of leg pains. Everyone can wear this. This not only reduces pain but also helps prevent injuries like knee pain, sudden joint pain, hamstring pain and much more>>

✔ Quick and convenient to wear

✔ Relief from leg pain and swelling!

✔ Helps manage medical conditions like varicose veins

✔ Perfect compression sleeve for travel, sports, work, or home